Table stories - shared food and new memories.

Pompey Chakravarty

Co-working spaces today is undoubtedly a trend and a good one at that. It not only saves you money, effort and time but also allows you to network and socialize with people from different walks of life. But in the era of digital isolation with eyes glued to the screen, the thing that goes missing is an ice-breaker to the conversation. And, what’s better than having food together? 

Table stories were conceptualized to bring people working at community workspaces together over a shared meal. It was the perfect place to swap stories and acquaint yourself with your fellow workers. The mood was festive and the table was set with an array of beautiful colors and a delicious menu of fusion food. The mushroom achari mathri and the mawa tarts hit a home run for sure, and the man of the hour was, of course, home-chef Shalendra! The food and decor of the table were applaudable.

Conversations, food, drinks and happy banters was what witnessed throughout and everyone left that table with new memories and friends for sure.

Conosh hopes this is only the first of many such stories, where we can bring people together over food and make a change to the everyday mundane life :)