Comfort Baking? Bake a Beautiful garden focaccia!

Pompey Chakravarty

What is Focaccia?

Now I know the word sounds pretty intimidating, but it's not!! It's just good old bread. Bread, something that most of us start our mornings with. The only difference here is that Focaccia is a classic Italian flatbread rich in olive oil and herbs like rosemary, garlic and olives etc. It is a lot like the pizza bread just much thicker and more flavoured! The very next question you might ask yourself now is how does one eat Focaccia?

What do I eat it with?

Remember that lovely warm bread basket you get served before a meal at every Italian restaurant you go to?? That’s your Focaccia bread! Break and dip it in garlic butter or olive oil and it's simply heaven in your mouth. So there we go, the first obvious way to eat it is at the start of your meal as is, or with your bowl of soup or salad. Next because it's thick bread you can slice it into half and stuff it with your favourite sandwich fillings.

In some parts of Italy, they even have it as dessert. It's called the focaccia dolce (sweet focaccia). This is nothing but a sweet version of the same bread, flavoured with raisins, sugar or honey instead of the traditional herbs. And then there is the very trending garden focaccia or gardenscape!

Variant of Focaccia-----The garden Focaccia!

If you thought that sourdough bread was the great lockdown trend, think again!! Move over sourdough; make way for the enchanting focaccia gardens!! You absolutely must have a look at all the beautiful and mesmerizing images on Instagram (#gardenfocaccia) of this new comfort baking bread. It's pretty much baked the same way as the traditional focaccia and decorated with all sorts of vegetables and flowers, all edible of course!! The flat, white dough is your perfect blank canvas! Some vegetables to use for your garden are mushrooms, carrots, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, capsicums and herbs to make your bushes!! All you need to do is arrange your ingredients in the shape of flowers and other blooms and bake. The best part is you can be as creative as you want.

How do I make one?

By now, you have come to the point where you are wondering if you can bake one at home. Yes, you can! Focaccia is made by using sourdough or yeast preferments. This apart you very obviously require an oven and a lot of patience.

If you missed the online learning class aka #socialhourbyconosh by our Homechef cum influencer Karishma Mehta last month here's a simple recipe that can help

*A small tip before you get started. Make sure to add your veggies after you stretch and shape the dough but before the final proof. This is the key to pulling off Garden Focaccia at home.

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