Benefits of eating together

Pompey Chakravarty

Urban living today is all about being in the fast lane. We are always hard-pressed for time and hence everything is expected to happen with the click of a finger! From shopping to commuting to eating, everything with a single click. 

What we probably don't realise in this crazy fast-paced life is that we are losing out on making memories. Memories that stay with you for life :) Perhaps it's time to slow down a bit and enjoy the simple things in life; like your meal and sharing it with others, be it friends, family or even strangers!!

So, even if you have a crazy day every day, how about making time for perhaps just one meal a day or even one meal a week, where you just slow down, and taste the food, savour every bite and have leisurely conversations over food? 

Why do you ask? Cause we at Conosh have found some awesome benefits of eating together and listed here are just a few of the many.

  • If you have a demanding job, having a shared meal will reduce your stress and tension by at least 50%.How? Having a sit-down meal with friends, family or even strangers and just talking your day out over food can change the way you feel about it.

            Don't believe us? Try it.

  • Studies and research over the last 2 decades show that simply taking a few minutes each day to turn off all devices and genuinely connect over food can improve the physical and mental health of a person.

  • Shared meals can improve communication skills. As a family, if you sit down with your children over a meal every day, the social interaction and discussions of current issues at the table will significantly improve their skills and social behaviour.

  • Sharing your meal with strangers (Eat-in @ Conosh) instill a sense of giving and community living. The dinner table can act as a unifier, a place of community. Live and let live should be the way to go, and not live and live alone.

  • When you share a meal you inevitably provide a sense of security and a feeling of belonging for the people on that table. It is therapeutic and brings about a sense of emotional fulfilment.

  • Alice Julier’s book Eating Together, says that dining together can radically shift people’s perspectives: It reduces people’s perceptions of inequality, and diners tend to view those of different races, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds as more equal than they would in other social scenarios.

Come Conosh and see how it changes the way you live and eat; It will soon become a way of life, and not just a one time experience. Live the Conosh life.