5 reasons to conosh today!

Pompey Chakravarty

Why Conosh?

How often have we heard parents say “Don't talk to strangers”, it's dangerous? And am sure most of us have taken that in the literal sense for most of our childhood and adult lives, but have we ever stopped to think that perhaps people you don't know can sometimes transform your lives? (...and I don't mean in a bad way!)

Most of us have our heads buried in our phones and tablets for the most part of the day, deftly avoiding eye contact and may be missing out on making a friend or a stimulating conversation? A friend who could make us feel like we're connected, and like we belong? A conversation that can transform the way we think? Whilst technology today is bringing about positive change is it also isolating people more and more?

Realization is perhaps the first step to correction and we at Conosh are perhaps taking the baby steps to nudge you in the direction of a wholesome life, where trust, sharing and community living becomes a way of life and not an isolated event.

Here are 5 reasons to Conosh today.

Meet fabulous people: When you come for a Conosh eat-in/eat-out you walk into a room full of strangers, but you walk out with a heart full of memories! Make friends over food, that's what you will do :).

Eat fabulous food: Eating delicious food is a default option when you Conosh. Good company, good food and good times is the theme of every Conosh gathering.

Know your city: New to the city or an old timer of the regular haunts, whichever you are, you fit right in. Meet people with similar taste buds and wavelengths and party the night away. We help you connect with people who want to be where you want to be!

Cook better: Not just a foodie but love to cook too? Conosh home-chefs are more than happy to share in their recipes and help build a community of people were sharing becomes a way of life, whether it's recipes or a meal!

Experience different cultures and cuisine: We live in a country where every 2 km a different dialect is can you imagine the variety of food that's eaten?? At every Conosh gathering, it is our endeavour to bring to you food from different regions of the country and an experience that will leave you curious to travel and satisfied with finger licking food!

These are just 5 of the many reasons that Conosh can become a way of life for you. A place to meet new people, make new friends, create new memories, experience new cultures and all over a good meal!

Come live the Conosh life.