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Eggless Gourmet Cakes | Online Workshop Recording by Chef Meghna

Nov 30, 2025   12:00 PM
 Adults Price: 699  
Available Seats: Unlimited

About Chef Meghna & Meghna’s Food Magic

Chef Meghna is a banker turned baker, TEDx speaker, Food Blogger and social media influencer; whose social handle Meghna’s Food Magic has millions of followers across various platforms. Known for a prevalent teaching methodology - making complicated appearing dishes look simple to make for her viewers and helping viewers create gourmet-style cakes and desserts at home, Meghna is on a mission is to promote home-cooked food as the first choice for those who love dining out - by helping prepare food from accessible & affordable ingredients; for which we otherwise pay a premium at restaurants. She is recognized by the International Chamber of Commerce and having won Meghna the LivingFoodz Epicurean Guild Award - Food Instagrammer of Year award; you will also find her show airing on The Q TV and Times of India Food App too.

About the session:

This session will cover two Gourmet cakes:

Chocolate Caramel Ganache Cake

Salted Caramel Buttercream Cake

In detail we will cover:

- Dark Chocolate Ganache

- Buttercream Icing

- Basic Eggless Chocolate sponge cake (will also share the recipe of vanilla sponge in the recipe card)

- Salted Caramel

- Caramel Drip

- Cake Decoration

The session was conducted in Hindi.

Please note:
- This is an Eggless session
- This is a Zoom recording of a workshop held by Conosh in collaboration with Chef Meghna
- The links to the recording & recipe card will be emailed after booking
- Please disregard the "Available Seats" & "Voucher Code" details

Contact Apoorva +91 98713 04171 or write to in case of queries! 

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