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Eggless Glass Dessert | Online Workshop Recording by Chef Meghna

Nov 30, 2025  
 Adults Price: 499  
Available Seats: Unlimited

About Chef Meghna & Meghna’s Food Magic

Chef Meghna is a banker turned baker, TEDx speaker, Food Blogger and social media influencer; Her social handle Meghna’s Food Magic has millions of followers across platforms.

Having won Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Award as the Food Instagrammer of the year, Meghna is quite popular for her teaching methodology - making complicated appearing dishes look simple to make for her viewers & beautiful cakes and desserts. Her mission is to promote home-cooked food the first choice for all viewers who love dining out - by helping prepare food from accessible & affordable ingredients for which we otherwise pay a premium at restaurants.

In this session, Meghna will be showing her 2 unique original egg-less desserts; which you will not find in any restaurants or on the internet.

- Apple Crumble Glass Dessert

- Hazelnut Fudge Glass Pudding

In this session, you will learn-

- How to make Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge & Hazelnut Praline

- How to flavour apples with cinnamon

- How to make the crumble

- How to Layer a perfect Glass Dessert that’s appetizing and eye-pleasing

- Basics of sugar artwork

Please note:
- This is an Eggless session
- This is a Zoom recording of a workshop held by Conosh in collaboration with Chef Meghna
- The links to the recording & recipe card will be emailed after booking
- Please disregard the "Available Seats" & "Voucher Code" details

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