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Let's Conosh

Conosh Prepaid Cards

Dec 31, 2021  
 Adults Price: 99  
Available Seats: Unlimited

Till we dine again...... here's prepaid cards! 

We have created innumerable stories together in the past year & we would love to keep up the tradition going with the extended Conosh family we have. A family that has supported us in turning our dream into reality. In these tough times, it’s best to ask your family for love & support.

We are launching prepaid cards that solve a dual purpose - to show some love to your extended family which worked really hard to turn their dream into a small business & also to prepare in advance for the good times to come. Use these cards for any of our online meetups or food deliveries & experiences (as and when we re-start it). We are hopeful of creating memories over food & share happiness with you all super soon.

Minimum Denominations= INR 99


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