Eat In

For delicious home crafted meals, leave us your number.

How does it work?

We scout high and low and taste all things good and bad and finally pick out the best home-chefs for you to have an unforgettable dine-in experience. Our home-chefs then cook up delicious meals with the best and freshest of ingredients and host you at their homes. All you need to do is just pick a cuisine that tickles your taste buds and comes experience food, tradition and culture like never before.

Why Eat-in?

The Conosh Eat-in experience is for every person who not only loves food but also believes in the simple joy of sharing a meal.

We at Conosh swear by the words of Barbara Coloroso “There is something profoundly satisfying about sharing a meal. Eating together is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying of human experiences”


Conosh gives you the option to be the Diner

If you are a foodie and love to meet people, come be a Conosh diner. We send you regular updates of the meals hosted by our home-chefs across the city. All you need to do this turn-up, greet, meet and eat!

Or be a Host

Alternatively, if you love to cook, be a Conosh host. All you need to do is invite us and give us a taste of your delicious cooking and we organise an array of diners who you host at your home with your specialities!